Choose ourfourbig reasons
Quality assurance
  • Super Productivity
    Independent research and development, customization
    Domestic take the lead in self-production and self-marketing. The products are characterized by quick installation, easy removal, convenient storage, environmental protection and low energy consumption
  • TFree Mould Opening and Customization
    Mold opening
    Lightbox products, customers can provide samples or drawings, according to the requirements of custom-made mold, our company free of all mold fees, to minimize customer costs
    Under the same quality standard, Zinc products can save 30% of the cost, and provide after-sales services such as product consultation, installation guidance, etc.
  • Quality after-sale
    Quality after-sale
    Adopt the policy of one-year replacement and life-long maintenance of spare parts. Quick response: 1 * 24 hours customer problem response service, 7 * 24 hours after-sales hotline service.

Foshan Zinmei Lamp Box Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd.
4 advantages 
  • Workshop planning
    • Product advantage
      We can provide suggestions for your profiles according to drawings, customized production and related suggestions..
    • Regional protection:
      Market protection should be carried out in the franchise area to maximize the market space.
    • Large-scale production base, fast supply cycle:
      20,000 square meters of modern factory building, large indoor raw material warehouse, the stored raw materials can be used for one year production, can make the product quality more stable.
  • Franchise support
    •  Provide you with a scientific production management system。
    •  Provide you with a professional production plan。
    •  Provide you with professional production experience。
    •  Training professional technicians for you。
    •  Recommend professional management expert and factory director for you。
    •  Our company can accompany you to our factory.
    •  Visit the production line of stainless steel tube。
    •  Other Matters Concerning Aluminum Material for Lamp Box。
  • Sales service
    •  Provide professional knowledge and marketing skills for you。
    •  Provide you with mature sales experience。
    •  For you to solve problems and difficulties encountered in production.
    • If necessary, you can also contact Foshan to apply for a business license to sell in the name of Foshan Aluminum Profiles.
  • Customer service team
    •  Adopt the policy of one-year replacement and lifelong maintenance of spare parts
    •  Senior customer service team, to provide you with the most intimate service
    •  Uniform company uniform, complete customer service team。
    •  Continuous Activity Suggestion Follow-up Service
    • Fast response: 1 * 24 hours customer problem response service, 7 * 24 hours after-sales hotline service.
Foshan Zinmei Lamp Box Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd.
Our company specializing in the production of various types of advertising industry special aluminum, enterprise in China took the lead in the implementation of self-produced self marketing, forming a set of design, production and sales in one of the large advertisement light box aluminum profile production and sales of manufacturers. The company has abundant storage, including all kinds of ultra-thin light boxes, Rab light box, meal boxes, plastic light boxes, and other special aluminum profile and hardware fittings. Can really achieve the same d More >
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Foshan Zinmei Lamp Box Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd
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Foshan Zinmei Lamp Box Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd